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Friday, May 8, 2020


British proverbs

Acknowledged a mistake - then half redeemed her. 

All cargo is loaded neither by a conscientious horse.

 All girls are good, but where do bad wives come from?

 All is well that ends well .

All roads lead to Rome.

 An example is better than exhortation.

 Appetite comes with eating.

 Bacchus drown more people than Neptune.

 Bait is hidden behind the bait.

 Behave in Rome, just like the Romans.

Better late than never.

 Beware of a silent dog and quiet water .

Brainless head and sharp eyes are useless .

Cat has nine lives .

Charity begins in your own home.

 Cheerful mood is the best medicine .

Create yourself a reputation for an early rising person, and then at least spend whole days lying in bed.

 Custom - punishment for the smart and the object of worship for fools.

 Debt is the worst kind of poverty.

 Diamond is cut with diamond.

 Diligence is the mother of success .

Do not cross the bridge until you have approached it.

 Do not let the fox guard geese.

 Do not pour out the baby .

Do not put all the eggs in one basket .

Do not stretch the bow until the arrow has fitted .
Do not swim against the current.

 Do not take a gun to kill a butterfly

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